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My Winter Style

During December 2018 I participated in the Dressember challenge. The event raises awareness for human trafficking and the sex slavery trade. To participate you are required to wear a dress for the entire month of December. Not a problem! I love dresses and had already transitioned to wearing mostly dresses (I occasionally wear a long tunic with thick leggings). Here are some of my looks from December:


I would describe my style as a little bit eclectic and Granny! In Canada we get a lot of snow. This means that I wear many layers during the winter. I usually start with a base layer of leggings or tights, I add a petticoat, then over that, a dress and a cardigan. My hubby prefers that I wear dress styles that show I have a waist (as opposed to shapeless jumpers), and I try to accommodate that preference by wearing dresses that have waist ties, or are slimmer cut through the waist.

I like to accessorize with handknit hats or cowls, thrift store or hand sewn headcovers, and cute ankle boots. My clothing doesn’t cost a lot, but I think it’s unique!

The following video gives a more in depth look into my winter wardrobe:


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